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In 3 months from now, where are you going to be? Do you want your business to be exactly where it is now (realistically worse off as you lose market share), or do you want to crush your competition and dominate your space?

All too often we’re told the latter isn’t possible, but just for a moment imagine what it’d be like to double, triple or even 10X your sales in the next 90 days. 

Your profits would skyrocket, you’d feel secure within your business, you could take on staff and delegate responsibility to others…achieving the coveted status of working ON your business, not IN it.

Now think back to that being ‘impossible’. Is it listening to ‘gurus’ and ‘experts’ that offer more excuses than results, or spending out on marketing that costs more than you make that has allowed you to come to that conclusion?

Here at Condor Media UK, your business and wellbeing are one and the same to us, and our utmost priority. We use tried and tested digital marketing strategies that have been proven to work in every developed country in the world. Online marketing strategies that will launch your business into the stratosphere, with your happiness and wellbeing in tow!

We are so confident of this that we guarantee results. It’s mutually inclusive, if you’re hitting KPIs and we aren’t, you don’t pay until we’re back up to scratch!

This guarantee puts us in the top 2% of digital marketing agencies in UK, request it of the 98% and you will witness true discomfort!

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The Soundest
Business Investment

Who wins in business, is it the best…or the best known?

Spoiler alert, it’s the best known. McDonalds doesn’t make the best burgers, Starbucks doesn’t make the best coffee, and Carlsberg…despite their slogan…isn’t the best beer in the world.
These brands are simply the best known, and how do you become the best known? Marketing.

Here are the  steps we take to turn digital advertising money into profit, time and time again:

Traffic Generation

More website visitors means more chances to convert window shoppers into lifelong customers. Whether they are the 3% of people in your market that are looking to buy, or the other 97%, we send them to your site and get them on the sales ladder.

Increased Conversions

We increase the amount of visitors that turn into buyers by optimising both your site and off-page marketing. We implement proprietary tactics to guide users, increasing your chances of gaining new business tenfold.

Responsible Retargeting

Just because someone doesn’t buy the first time they come across your business, doesn’t mean they’ll never buy. In fact it now takes 12-18 contacts on average before there’s enough trust and familiarity to buy, we ensure that bond is made.

Lead Nurture & Sales Process

So many companies don’t know how to make the most of the leads they are given. We help to strengthen your sales process and nurture even the coldest of leads towards converting, with much of the legwork being automated.


There’s a very good reason for the warning on the cover of this report: these online marketing strategies are the most powerful tools to increasing your sales that you will find for free anywhere. Download  now and crush your competition, before they get a copy and crush you!!

What Our Clients Say...

Nicole Cartica

Marketing Manager, Earthcore Industries

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Independent Estate Agent

How much do you think you could make if you were following a custom digital marketing plan, compiled just for you by seasoned pros?

That’s what we’re offering! We’ll review your business, research your competitors, define your target market, plug any holes in your sales process and pin point your goals. These factors will then be considered in creating a digital marketing strategy unique to your business.

Your plan will be tied intrinsically to your goals, so we ask that you only take up this offer if you’re serious about rapid growth, including the readiness to invest in yourself and business. We’ll do the work required to get you on the right path, no charge and no catch.

We offer this because 9 out 10 businesses that receive their custom online marketing plan so impressed, they ask to become a client…and we’re happy to help those that don’t become clients too!

This is not a sales call, it is about your business…not our services. If our strategist feels there is a synergy, they may ask if you’d like to be quoted for becoming a client, but there is no obligation to take up any of our services.

We usually charge £1000 for this comprehensive business analysis and planning – all that you have to do to maximise your leads and sales is to take action on the strategy we give you!

We do ask that you only book if you’re serious about growth and have a decent level of punctuality…please don’t waste our time.