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pull in 30-500+ wallet in hand leads every month

2.7 Billion people are using Facebook each month, and over a billion use Instagram!
Don’t miss out on these absolute gold mines of prospective customers, which can be targeted with laser-like precision, and spend as if money was going out of fashion!

“It is not the strongest of the species that survives, 
nor the most intelligent that survives.

It is the one that is the most adaptable to change.”

Charles Darwin


There was a time when social media was dominated by MySpace and Bebo, and generally was used by no one older than 25. Fast forward 15 years and Facebook is coming up to 2.5 BILLION users, much of whom are are older…62% of people 65+ and 72% of 50-64 year olds are using Facebook!



Facebook and Instagram aren’t just cat videos and pictures of Kim K’s butt…it’s a ridiculous opportunity to grow your business, the kind you literally can’t ignore.

Not only for the fact it’s response-cost ratio is still comparable to email marketing in the 90s or Google Ads in the early 2000s, but because much of your competition are advertising on Facebook already. Every day you aren’t running ads, you are losing market share.

Facebook advertising presents the largest scope for growth in history, and it’s there for the taking by anyone. Any business that doesn’t will surely regret it.


Give something of value, whether it's a discount, free, or educational... there has to be clear WIIFM.


Use compelling wording and imagery so that your ads simply cannot be ignored.


Put your well designed offer in front of people that are certain to have interest and engage.


we put you in front
of the right people

Its a well know marketing fundamental that you must go where your customers are and get in front of them, and traditionally this was during ad breaks on TV/radio or billboards people saw while driving to work. With the way the world has changed, your ideal customers are hanging out on Facebook and Instagram, and getting their attention has never been easier when you know how!

No more wasted digital marketing budget…we can put you in front of users who have already expressed interest in your service or product, and every penny is spent guiding them to you and away from your competition.

We have strategies for £5 ecommerce products, we have strategies for £6000 solar panel installations. Facebook advertising is what Condor Media UK grew from, and we’re always ahead of the curve of other digital marketing agencies. Every campaign follows a basic pattern though:


build & launch

EXECUTE & optimise

We start by undertaking extensive market research – we want to know what your competitors are doing and where you stand in relation to them. With this completed, we can refine what your campaign is going to look like, what you are offering and the route you are going to take the user down.

With a rock solid strategy in place, we get to work with sourcing or shooting imagery/video, copywriting, installing analytics and tracking code, etc. All done for you, with minimal stress on your part. We do this quickly too, often ready to launch after 5 days. You tell us where to send the leads, and prepare for them to flood in!

Once the campaign is launched, you can watch the leads rolling in, comfortable in the knowledge that your sales team are well fed, and if they’re hungry, your profits are going to soar. However, our job is not done, we keep a close eye on the campaign, making tweaks to increase its cost efficiency and maximise its profitability.


This simple report covers Facebook advertising fundamentals that even huge companies often neglect, but will tun your campaigns around from a last-ditch attempt to a money making machine! 

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strategy worth £1000

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