SEO Basics For Small Businesses

In this modern digital marketing era, SEO is among the most important strategies you can have for your business. Having SEO means there will be an impact on your website’s visibility.. If you would like to learn a few SEO tips for small businesses in the U.K., continue reading.

What is SEO?

SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, is the step towards upgrading your online presence. Most digital marketing agencies are defining it as a strategy that puts you above all websites due to searches of specific keywords that belong to your line of business.

SEO Strategies

#1 Design A Website Structure

Your website should be easy to explore. Your landing pages should connect to your other significant pages (about, content, services). Your service page should rundown and connect to pages portraying singular services. Etc. 

Try to attempt to see your site with open-minded perspectives and ensure it has a consistent design. Start at your landing page and check whether you can coherently discover—and explore—all your significant pages rapidly and without any problem.

#2 Meta Titles & Descriptions

Each page on your site needs a remarkable metadata. It’s highly important that at least all your main pages should have a unique meta title and meta description. They likewise need to: 

  • Not surpass  Google’s length policy to make sure the description shows fully on search results.
  • Include matching keyword
  • Complying with these, will help Google index your pages faster.

#3 Polish Your Writing

Most pages on your site could be composed of duplicated content and you may not be aware of it. Having fresh, unique content is highly important because Google takes a look to understand whether your website’s pages are good to show. If there is not much content on your pages—or assuming that content is not all-around upgraded— Google bots will struggle to crawl and index such pages.

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