Free Website vs. Paid One: Pros & Cons

Business owners understand more how vital a website is when it comes to making their company grow. Building a website is a crucial decision since this one is the first formal introduction of your business to your potential clients. However, not every business, especially small ones, has the chance to invest in getting web design services. Therefore, many duel between getting a free website vs a paid one. Let’s dive in to see which could be a good match for you. 

Free Websites

Free websites are a great way to start into the website business; you get a glimpse of what to do and how to brand yourself. However, there are a few setbacks. For example:

Limited Pages

Many free websites commonly limit the number of pages you are permitted to make. For instance, they may allow you to launch up to five pages for each site. However, most destinations will require more pages, and to grow your website, you will be needed to move up to a paid service.

No Domain Use

Free plans frequently do not let you use a personalized URL. Instead, they will appoint you a free URL, which comprises your business name in addition to their URL. For instance, rather than [websitename].com, you will be left with [yourwebsitename], for example. With everything taken into account, you may not get the expected outcome.

Storage Capacity

Both free and paid websites will restrict your storage capacity. As a result, you may have just two or three megabytes of capacity available. That will seriously limit the chance to portray all your services and overall important information you’d like to communicate.

Paid Website

Paid websites truly make a difference. They offer more tools and options to brand your website and advertise it on the internet. Among the benefits, you’ll get the following:

Domain Name

Among the main benefits of a paid website is the domain name. That makes you stand out from others and have your website personalized. Plus, by having a domain name, you gain more views to your website. It also lets you look more professional.

No Ads

Most of the time, having free websites means getting ads from other websites or services. However, when you get a paid website, that is a feature you avoid entirely. You do not have to see any other ads from any other website. 

Get Website Design Services With Condor Media UK

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